Athlete Combines

Large-volume scouting and evaluation events require precise results in an efficient time frame.  SportTesting is used in youth tryouts up to pro sport combines.

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Player Development

Reach your potential quicker with targeted assessments & progress tracking.  Modify team or personal training and skills plans based on factual performance results.

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Baseline Assessments

In order for training to be effective we need a legitimate foundation to measure. Strength & conditioning tracking, as well as physiotherapy and injury recovery.

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Committed to Excellence

Backed by years of experience within professional sports and long-term athlete development, RISE Sport Test provides a credible source to support your development and performance goals.

Since 1993

RISE Sport Test set up for Calgary Flames Prospects


We're excited to hear about your needs and discuss how RISE Sport Test can provide the solution to enhance your current program!  Call or email us today.