Athlete Combines

Large-volume scouting and evaluation events require precise results in an efficient time frame.  SportTesting is used in youth tryouts up to pro sport combines.

Player Development

Reach your potential quicker with targeted assessments & progress tracking.  Modify team or personal training and skills plans based on factual performance results.

Baseline Assessments

In order for training to be effective we need a legitimate foundation to measure. Strength & conditioning tracking, as well as physiotherapy and injury recovery.

Real-time results with optional scoreboard function


Our wireless Sport Gates™ and Sport ID™ hardware sync with the Sport Hub™ interface that seamlessly loads results into our secure online database. Whether in the gym or on the ice, our system provides the most efficient delivery and organization of result data.

Powerful Database & Comparative Tools.

Athletes, coaches, and administrators all have easy online access to see their respective results with a secure account.  Use our renowned comparative tools within the database to compare your own progress, to your group, or globally based on age and sport.


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